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18th April 2024

The Rise of Rentvesting: A Smart Approach to Property Ownership

“Rentvesting” is a strategy where you purchase a property in an affordable but less preferred suburb, while simultaneously renting a property in a location you desire.

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11th March 2024

Perth Property Management Fees in 2024

Are you wondering what fees you should be paying and what property managers do for their fees? Here is a simple guide to current property management fees in Perth.

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14th February 2024

8 important questions to ask a property manager

As a landlord, the decision to engage an experienced property management agency is a significant one that can affect your rate of returns. Here are the top 8 questions you should ask before selecting a property manager.

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13th October 2023

How to Prepare Your Property for Summer

The summer season is upon us, and the warmer days are coming! It is time to prep your home for those hot summer days and warm balmy nights! Spring is the perfect time to start preparing for the hot summer weather. There is more light each day, which gives us all more energy and longer days to enjoy!

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31st August 2023

How To Attract Quality Tenants

As a landlord, one of the most critical factors for your rental property's success is attracting and retaining quality tenants. In this blog, we will explore some effective strategies that can help you find and attract quality tenants for your rental property.

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19th July 2023

Is It Better to Sell or Rent My Home?

When it comes to deciding whether to sell or rent your home, there are several factors to consider. In this article, we will explore the benefits of becoming a landlord and the reasons why renting your home through professional Perth property management services can be a better option.

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10th July 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Australian Property Tax Depreciations & Tax Deductions

In this blog, we'll explore the key aspects of Australian property tax depreciations and tax deductions, debunk common misconceptions, and provide valuable information to help property owners maximize their tax benefits.

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13th October 2022

Bad Tenants and How to Avoid Them

Managing a property may seem simple enough, and sometimes you may not see the value in investing in a good property manager.

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8th August 2022

Changing Property Managers

Property remains one of the most preferred asset types for Australian investors, but it can be difficult to create value in your investment property without an effective property manager on your side.

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10th November 2021

Operation Christmas Child

The team at Blackburne Property Management isn’t just committed to doing good for our property investment clients, we also love giving back to the wider community and people in need around the world.

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8th December 2020

What to look for when switching property management agencies

Choosing a property management agency… who said it was easy?! I’m here to tell you, it can be.

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27th November 2020

Self-Managed Properties vs Agent-Managed Properties

If you are considering self-managing your investment property, it's important to recognise the significant responsibilities it entails.

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5th November 2020

Why is there a Perth rental shortage and what can be done?

The question everyone is talking about: Where did all the rental properties go?  At the start of the year, the Perth rental market started to pick up – and then COVID hit.

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18th October 2020

Where is the Perth rental market heading for 2021?

Finally! 2020 is coming to an end and the horizon on 2021 is looking glorious. In an industry where we have seen so much change in the last year, it’s positive news that we are welcoming the new year with some stability.

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15th October 2020

A day in the life of a Perth Property Manager with Tiana Bignell

There is never really a typical day for a Property Manager, every day looks different and the skill set we hold ranges from Lawyer to Psychologist with Handyman, Marketing Manager, and Financial Advisor in between.

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18th June 2020

Life after COVID: What learnings can we take from the last 90 days?

As Perth's rental market showed promising signs of recovery in 2020, the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, impacting economies worldwide.

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24th January 2019

Fair Wear and Tear Explained

A final bond inspection is done at the end of tenancy to determine the final condition of the property and whether the bond will be refunded to the tenant. When damage has occurred, it could be as a result of ‘malicious damage’ or ‘accidental damage’ both of which are the responsibility of the tenant or alternatively it could be treated as ‘fair wear and tear’.

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13th December 2018

4 Tips to Get Your Rental Summer Ready

Summer has just begun, and a little preventative upkeep now, can help to reduce unexpected maintenance and costs and keep your tenants cool and calm this summer.

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6th December 2018

‘Tis The Season to Renew Your Investment

Now is the time to do a six monthly stocktake on your investment property. After all, the end of financial year is only another six months away.

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25th October 2018

6 Ways to Boost Your Rental Income

Achieving a strong return in rental income is a key goal for many property investors, and there are effective strategies to boost your rent without waiting for market conditions to improve.

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13th September 2018

How to Attract Good Tenants

Attracting good tenants is a critical aspect of property management, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Creating a positive first impression is key to securing reliable tenants and minimizing vacancy periods.

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23rd August 2018

Common Mistakes Property Investors Make When Choosing a Property Manager

In property management we see many property investors making the mistake that all real estate companies are the same, and all offer the same service so the best way to differentiate between them is to get cheaper fees. However, we have found a common pattern among agents, that the cheaper they get, the lower their service levels.

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21st June 2018

What Our Tenants Are Saying

The team at Blackburne Property Management Perth value their tenants and want them to live in a peaceful, comfortable home. We aim to have a mutually respectful relationship, by managing tenancies in a firm but fair manner.

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14th May 2018

Common Misconceptions About Tax Depreciation and Rental Properties

Tax Depreciation can benefit anyone with a rental property! It is all about working out how much your investment property depreciates over time, and claiming these values on your tax return! Depreciation is the “good side” of tax and Tax Depreciation Schedule is all about making your rental property more affordable!

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27th April 2018

Prepare Your Rental Property for Perth’s Winter

The brisk mornings and chilly evenings have started descending over Perth – winter is on its way! May is the perfect month to beat the harsh winter rain and wind with preventative maintenance to your rental property.

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25th April 2018

Perth Property Market’s Rental Revival

It’s fair to say Perth’s property market has experienced difficult conditions over the last three years, however there are clear signs of improvement for Perth’s rental market.

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20th February 2018

How to Increase Your Rental Income

Are you a landlord wanting to increase the rent on your property but are unsure how to go about it? You may be in luck. A recent report from the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) indicates that the rental market in Perth is on the road to recovery for 2018.

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1st December 2017

6 Ways to Reduce Stress as a Landlord

Finding a tenant in today’s market is no easy task. Many low quality tenants prey on private landlords and as a result, it is essential that you check all references.

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10th November 2017

Are Property Management Companies Regulated?

With the average investment property in Perth costing around half a million dollars, it is easy to understand why property management in Western Australia is heavily regulated.

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16th October 2017

Blackburne’s Leasing Success at Oracle Apartments

Blackburne once again experienced leasing success, with the release of the new Oracle apartments located in Perth’s new Stirling St Precinct and all apartments being leased within weeks and a waiting list of tenants eager to move in.

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