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Life after COVID: What learnings can we take from the last 90 days?

As Perth’s rental market showed promising signs of recovery in 2020, the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, impacting economies worldwide. Amidst the challenges, Blackburne Property Management Perth and our team of dedicated Property Managers quickly adapted to the extraordinary situation, working together to overcome the obstacles and support our valued clients.

With the implementation of social distancing measures, we seamlessly transitioned from open homes to private appointments, ensuring the safety of our clients and staff. Our Property Managers diligently familiarised themselves with the new COVID legislation pertaining to the Residential Tenancies Act, guiding landlords and tenants through the do’s and don’ts and providing them with clear and reliable information.

During this time, we embraced technology to conduct routine inspections and home opens via video calls, while maintaining the highest hygiene standards in our office and beyond. Despite the challenges, we successfully launched our recent project at Marina East in Ascot, showcasing our determination and resilience.

Despite being a once-in-a-lifetime learning curve, the WA residential rental market defied expectations by not plummeting as predicted. Instead, we witnessed a surge in leasing activity, rent increases, and a decrease in the vacancy rate. Our property management team’s exceptional collaboration and support for one another and our clients played a significant role in achieving these positive outcomes.

Throughout the past 90 days, we’ve realised the importance of the human element in all aspects of life. Respecting, supporting, and working together have been the driving forces behind our success during these challenging times. As we continue to navigate through uncertainties, let us remember to appreciate and be grateful for the time we have with each other. The human element is a crucial factor in driving economies, so let us share smiles and offer a “COVID hi5” to show our appreciation and support for one another.

At Blackburne Property Management Perth, we remain committed to providing exceptional service and support to our clients and community. Join us in embracing the human element and working together towards a brighter future in the real estate market. Let’s continue to thrive together!

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