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About Blackburne Property Management

The Blackburne name is synonymous with unparalleled quality and innovation.

Over many decades Blackburne has grown to become one of the leading property companies in Perth.

Blackburne specialise in luxury property development, property management, sales and mortgage broking.

The business has been built on a fanatical commitment to understanding and exceeding our clients needs when buying, selling or managing property.

To learn more about Blackburne Group or our view stunning award winning developments, visit blackburne.com.au.

Our Difference

Choose a property manager with 20+ years of experience helping investors maximise their return on investment. We’re so confident you’ll love our service that we offer a Service Guarantee.

Blackburne Property Management has been looking after Perth properties for over 20 years. Our skilled and qualified property managers service over 50 suburbs in Perth metropolitan area and have deep seeded experience in both houses and apartments. Choose us because:

  • We are committed to exceeding your expectation and take customer service as our highest priority. If we haven’t addressed your concern within 48 hours, you will receive one month’s management of your property absolutely FREE. This is the Blackburne Difference – our service guarantee.
  • Our team is focused on maximising your investment return. And we are out-performing the Perth rental market on an ongoing basis. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure you get the best advice for your tenancy, with a special focus applied to maximising your returns.

By joining Blackburne Property Management, you will get access to multiple specialist teams within our department that strive to make the experience of owning a property as hassle-free and remunerative for you as possible. Get market-beating results and premier service at an affordable price with Blackburne Property Management.

What you can expect from us

Services Guarentee

Service Guarantee

We are committed to exceeding your expectation and take great care to ensure that all your queries are attended to as soon as possible. If we haven’t addressed your concern within 48 hours, you will receive one month’s management of your property absolutely FREE. This is the Blackburne Difference.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment

We maintain a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on rent arrears and conduct rent reviews every six months, in accordance with the fluctuations of the market. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure the best and correct advice into your tenancy and the market is provided, with focus applied to maximising your returns.

A Dedicated Leasing Team

A Dedicated Leasing Team to Prioritise Your Needs

Our highly skilled leasing team take an active sales approach to ensure that your property has minimal vacancy, all while achieving you the best possible rent. Processing applications are our speciality your new tenants are vetted thoroughly ensuring we focus on all paperwork as a matter of absolutely priority.

7-day Leasing Capability

7-day Leasing Capability

Our dedicated leasing team will also work across the 7 days of the week, allowing for Saturday and Sunday home opens – the most important days for prospective tenants to be able to view your property!

Detailed Property Conditional Reports

Detailed Property Conditional Reports

It’s important for the owner, the tenant and the Property Manager to be clear on the state of the property at the commencement of each lease. This is an important process and can’t be underestimated. Our Detailed Property Condition reports provide full transparency and comfort for both the owner and the tenant.

A Dedicated Trust Accounts Team

A Dedicated Trust Accounts Team

Every property we manage is being looked after by a highly qualified and experienced trust accounting team that ensure all financial information relating to your property is maintained properly and efficiently. At the end of every month, you will receive a statement detailing all income and expenses. At your request we can also take care of paying all creditors. When it comes to the end of the Financial Year, your accountant will love you as we will provide a detailed and easy to read Income and Expenditure Statement.

Access to the Best Contractors in Perth

Access to the Best Contractors in Perth

Our clients get access to our Preferred Contractor Programme. This programme uses the Blackburne purchasing power to ensure you get the best contractors at the best price to assist with the maintenance, repair and improvement of your property.

Owner & Tenant Online Portals

Owner & Tenant Online Portals

Our portals allow you to have the key information relating to your investment property at your fingertips. If you can’t find it on the portal, you know your friendly and helpful property manager is only a phone call away.

Regular Routine Inspections

Regular Routine Inspections

We understand that as an owner you want to know the condition of your property and want to be kept up to date regularly. Our routine inspections are designed to keep you informed on the condition of your property and enable proactive maintenance if required. This includes taking photos throughout your property and presenting in a neat and tidy report, every 3 months.

Thorough Tenant Reference Checks

Thorough Tenant Reference Checks

We take the screening process for leasing applicants very seriously and go to great lengths to ensure the tenant is appropriate for you and your property. This includes reviews of the national tenancy databases.

Dedicated Inspections Officers

Dedicated Inspections Officers

Our highly trained inspections officers have years of experience and they know what to look for, they prioritise being courteous to your tenants and minimise disruption.

Our Values

Our values are the backbone of our company and are at the heart of everything we do.

Fanatical commitment

Our fanatical commitment to customer service is unwavering and all-encompassing. It is at the core of everything we do and drives us to go above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction for every single customer. We believe that providing excellent customer service is not just a responsibility but a privilege, and we approach it with the utmost dedication and enthusiasm.

Uncompromising integrity

Uncompromising integrity is a fundamental aspect of our approach to doing business with our clients. We understand that trust and credibility are essential for building strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we strive to earn and maintain their trust by always acting with integrity.

Relentless drive

Our team’s relentless drive for achievement is not only limited to achieving our goals but also extends to being resourceful in finding new and innovative solutions to overcome challenges, and pursuing ongoing professional development with passion and tenacity.

Our pursuit of ongoing professional development is a testament to our commitment to excellence. We understand that in order to achieve our goals, we need to continuously learn and grow. We are passionate about staying up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices, and we are dedicated to expanding our knowledge and skills.

Unwavering professionalism

Integrity and respect are the backdrop for our creative and courageous work, allowing us to remain humble as we pursue perfection. Our team’s unwavering professionalism is characterized by a commitment to delivering high-quality work that meets the highest standards of excellence, maintaining the highest level of integrity and respect in all our interactions, and approaching our work with a creative and courageous mindset, while remaining humble and open to learning and improving. We understand that perfection is a journey, not a destination, and we strive to always improve ourselves and our work.

Living & working dynamically

We have boundless energy and enthusiasm for our work and encourage healthy work-life balance to enhance motivation and wellbeing. Our team’s mantra of living and working dynamically is an essential part of our culture, as it allows us to be agile and adaptive in our approach to work. We understand that in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, the ability to adapt and change is key to success.


We’re honoured to be stewards of the unique Australian environment and take this privilege seriously, always balancing climate concerns with our commitment to curating luxury lifestyles. We understand that the natural environment is a precious and fragile resource, and we are committed to preserving it for future generations. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint, whether it be through the use of sustainable products and materials, implementing energy-efficient systems or encouraging our team members to adopt environmentally friendly practices.

We also take into account the environmental impact of our projects and carefully consider the location, design and construction methods to minimize the impact on the environment. We balance the concerns of the environment with our commitment to curating luxury lifestyles by incorporating sustainable practices and materials where possible, without compromising on the overall aesthetic and functionality of the project.


Our Team

At Blackburne, we are fortunate and grateful to have a team of highly-skilled, forward-thinking professionals who are true leaders in their field.

Meet the Team

Our Memberships

Single quotation mark

Really professional and amazing team have been outstanding with managing my properties. They have helped me better understand how to maximise returns in my investment portfolio and have always been available to answer any question that I have. Would highly recommend the team from Blackburne.

Marcus L, Perth CBD

Single quotation mark

The Blackburne team have managed my investment property for well over 15 years now. I live in NSW and so rely on them heavily. They have been fantastic. The team are responsive, proactive and definitely have their finger on the pulse of the market. Go team!!!

Simone S, Subiaco

Single quotation mark

Extremely impressed by timely, clear and proactive communication. Being out of the country - these factors give peace of mind that property is well taken care of. Balanced view of the rental applicants with sound judgement.

Sanjeev M, Perth

Single quotation mark

We are satisfied with Blackburne property management. Their teams are very friendly, professional, and responsive to manage our property. Not only giving a good advice to achieve the best outcome, but they are also able to answer promptly all our queries. At last, the weekly report has kept me up to date with their activities. Thank you so much, Blackburne.

Lucy H, Winthrop

Single quotation mark

Thanks to the Blackburne team for making my home hunting experience a breeze. I was kept in contact with throughout the application process and all of my questions have been swiftly answered, allowing me to make an easy decision on a beautiful apartment.

Victoria P, Claremont

Single quotation mark

The Blackburne Property Management team is very professional and very effective. They managed to rent my property in a week to high quality tenants and at a strong rent. They are also very courteous and move very quickly.

Ryan F, Highgate

Single quotation mark

Our family multi-residential apartments have been managed continuously by Blackburne since 1978. As the company has grown, the personal touch has been retained, and the structure and systems added create a most comprehensive management department for us. We are extremely satisfied, and have never contemplated shopping for another managing agent in the past 40 years.

David P, South Perth

Single quotation mark

All the interactions with staff so far, getting me into a great new rental that meets all my requirements has been very positive and supportive to complete the steps needed. The final signing with the property manager was quick and easy with a lot now online saving time and stress. So far so good!

Paul P, Subiaco

Single quotation mark

Honestly everything you could wish for from a property group. The leasing team have been nothing but amazing each time we work together to renew or find a new place. Looking forward to many more years with Blackburne Property.

Zaron BC, Perth


Our Services

Our integrated property services support our clients at every step of their property journey.

Blackburne’s vision is to deliver luxury homes designed with quality, space and sustainability in mind. Our mission is to ensure our clients also have access to high-quality property management and mortgage broking services, to assist them at every stage of their property journey.

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