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An experienced team ready to protect your property asset.

Our Property Management team understands what it takes to deliver truly exceptional service. They have all been in the industry for many years, bringing a wealth of experience to the table to achieve the best results for our clients. Their deep knowledge of the property market will give you confidence that you’re getting the best returns for your investment.

Paul Blackburne

Managing Director

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5786

EMAIL: ea@blackburne.com.au

Paul is the Owner, Founder and Managing Director of Blackburne.

Since starting the company in 2003 with a $900,000 loan Blackburne has grown to become one of the largest property companies in Australia, specialising in large scale residential and commercial property development, property management and mortgage broking.

Blackburne currently has $1.65B worth of projects completing this year or under development now with starting construction soon. These projects are mostly iconic, high-end resort style apartments in the prime suburbs of WA.

Paul’s achievements have been recognised with a number of leading awards including:

  • 6 of the prestigious Property Council and UDIA  awards for best high-rise development in WA.
  • WA Business News – 40 under 40 overall Western Australia winner recognising outstanding achievement in business and community projects for leaders under 40.
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist

As Managing Director, Paul leads an experienced team of long term senior executives that manage the day-to-day operations of the Blackburne group of companies.

Paul is married with two young children and spends any spare time he has on travelling and adventure sports.

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John Blackburne

Executive Director

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5786

EMAIL: john.blackburne@blackburne.com.au

John has had over 40 years continuous experience in property, and has established a reputation for honesty, integrity and hard work. Few people in the property industry have such a wide breadth of experience in property development, project marketing and general real estate.

John syndicated and oversaw many of Perth’s leading property developments for over 30 years and, as a result, continues to be in high demand as a consultant on a wide range of property issues. John is a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Australia and a recipient of the Urban Development Institute of Australia award for ‘Best Medium High Density Development in Western Australia’.

His name has been synonymous with 163 apartment buildings totalling 5,300 apartments throughout the Perth Metropolitan area. Many of John’s clients and strategic partnerships have been in place for over 40 years, which bears testimony to his unmatched reliability, principled approach and dedication.

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Tiana Bignell

Team Leader

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5750

EMAIL: tiana.bignell@blackburne.com.au

Tiana commenced her career in Property Management in 2014. Her strong communication and negotiation skills are complimented by her friendly, approachable manner in delivering quality service with a smile.

Tiana’s passion for real estate is reflected in her drive to further her knowledge of market trends, legislation changes and the industry in general.

Tiana is an important part of our team at Blackburne Property Management, bringing a positive and enthusiastic attitude in all aspects of her work.

In her spare time Tiana likes to spend quality time with her family and friends.

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Clare Honeywill

Commercial Property Manager

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5754

EMAIL: clare.honeywill@blackburne.com.au

Clare began her commercial property career with Knight Frank at Garden Office Park in 2006, assisting the onsite Property Manager. In 2010 Clare took up the position of Assistant Property Manager with Colliers, working on the AMP portfolio looking after 66 and 140 St George’s Terrace. In 2013 Clare moved to MMJ Real Estate to manage her own portfolio of mixed commercial assets. From there Clare progressed to Head of Department, Commercial, at Time Conti Sheffield. Since 2017 Clare has been working direct for an owner/investor, Jeff Leach, setting up and managing a small property management department with premium assets.

Clare brings to Blackburne years of commercial property management and leasing skills gained over many years working in the property sector, many of these in retail. Clare will head up the Blackburne Commercial Department with a view to enhancing and expanding this, working alongside the Blackburne Property Management team.

Clare holds a Diploma in Property Services a master’s in human resource management and Certificate of Sales Representative.

In her spare time Clare enjoys reading and playing tennis.

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Paige Garvey

Business Development Manager

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5746

MOBILE: +61 497 977 738

EMAIL: paige.garvey@blackburne.com.au

Paige has been in the Real Estate industry since 2017, working across Property Management, Residential Sales, and Business Development Management.

Paige enjoys building relationships with both landlords and tenants, focusing on client satisfaction and quality of service. She goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are happy with the outcome in all dealings, achieving this through regular communication and a friendly approach.

In Paige’s spare time she is completing a Double Degree at the University of Western Australia in Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance, and a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Psychological Science. She also keeps busy by working towards a commercial pilot’s license and taking her dog for walks.

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Christine Alessi

Leasing Executive

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5725

EMAIL: christine.alessi@blackburne.com.au

Christine has developed a wealth of experience in the property industry since 2014 with majority of this time as a seasoned Property Manager. Having serviced and retained the same clientele for over a period of 7 years, is a testament to her unwavering commitment, integrity and work ethic.

She brings a high level of experience in managing a diverse clientele, exceptional communication and negotiation skills, and values positive relationship building with every person she comes across.

Christine holds a double degree in International Business and Journalism from Curtin University.

In her spare time, you can find Christine spending quality time with her husband, daughter and family and also enjoying time by the beach.

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Dana Cirulis

Sales & Leasing Executive

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5779

MOBILE: +61 433 998 975

EMAIL: leasing.perth@blackburne.com.au

Bree Willison

Support Leader

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5765

EMAIL: bree.willison@blackburne.com.au

Bree is a seasoned professional in the real estate industry, having embarked on her career journey in 2016 in the Northern Suburbs. Throughout her tenure, Bree has honed exceptional communication skills, starting from her early roles in reception and sales administration and eventually progressing to managing her own portfolio. Currently, she thrives in a leadership support role, where she provides guidance and assistance to her colleagues and clients.

With a genuine passion for property, Bree has consistently pursued opportunities to expand her knowledge and expertise in the field. She completed a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration, which has equipped her with a keen eye for aesthetics and the ability to create inviting and functional spaces. Building on this foundation, Bree also obtained her Property Management Registration, further solidifying her understanding of property management practices and regulations. Currently, she is pursuing a Bachelor of Commercial Interior Design, a testament to her commitment to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of industry trends.

As a Support Leader, Bree’s comprehensive background enables her to provide valuable assistance to her team and clients. Her effective communication skills and empathetic approach contribute to a positive and collaborative work environment. Bree’s experience in managing portfolios and her in-depth knowledge of property management allow her to offer valuable insights and guidance to her colleagues, ensuring the smooth operation of their responsibilities.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Bree enjoys exploring new destinations and immersing herself in different cultures through travel. This passion for discovering new places feeds her creative inspiration and enhances her ability to create unique and engaging interior design solutions. Additionally, Bree is an enthusiastic food lover and takes pleasure in trying out new cafes, bars and restaurants.

Bree’s passion for property, coupled with her leadership support skills and dedication to personal growth, make her an invaluable asset to our team. Her ability to effectively communicate, guide, and support her colleagues and clients elevates the success of our operations. Bree’s commitment to excellence, coupled with her curiosity for the world around her, contributes to her ongoing professional and personal development.

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Yen Wong

Senior Property Manager

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5714

EMAIL: yen.wong@blackburne.com.au

Yen is a dynamic and accomplished Real Estate Agent, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the industry. Originally from Malaysia, he ventured to Perth to pursue higher education and graduated with a Graduate Degree in Finance & Accounting from the prestigious University of Western Australia.

With a family background deeply rooted in real estate development, Yen’s passion for the industry became ingrained from an early age. Drawing upon several years of experience, he has honed his skills in Property Management and Residential Sales, becoming a trusted and sought-after professional.

Yen’s success as a Real Estate Agent stems not only from his comprehensive knowledge but also from his exceptional communication skills. Fluent in three languages, he effortlessly connects with clients and establishes strong professional relationships. Diligent, detail-oriented, and proactive, Yen is committed to ensuring his clients’ needs are met with utmost precision and care.

When Yen isn’t serving his clients, he indulges in his love for golf, explores Perth’s vibrant culinary scene, and eagerly plans his next adventure abroad. With his unwavering dedication and a genuine passion for real estate, Yen is the ideal partner for all your property needs.

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Tiahn Elliott

Property Manager

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5781

EMAIL: tiahn.elliott@blackburne.com.au

After completing a Business Administration course at the beginning of 2013, Tiahn earnt her placement as an office all-rounder in a boutique Real Estate agency. This was Tiahn’s first exposure to the Real Estate Industry where she adapted quickly and grew to enjoy the client service aspects within the industry.

Over the years Tiahn has built on her experience working within Hospitality, Personal Assisting, Sales & Listing Coordination, Leasing, Reception and Property Management Assistant roles. Having diverse experience within the industry has given Tiahn the ability to adapt quickly to many situations and find effective solution by thinking outside of the box. Tiahn’s passion for Property Management lies within feeling fulfilment in assuring a high standard of client service is met, she believes effective communication is of the utmost importance working with people’s important assets.

Outside of Real Estate, Tiahn enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, cooking, exploring new restaurants and going to the gym.

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Indya Golding

Property Manager

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5772

EMAIL: indya.golding@blackburne.com.au

Indya joins Blackburne with 7 years’ experience in Retail. In 2020 she decided to pursue a career change and obtained her Real Estate License commencing her career here at Blackburne. Indya started at an Inspections Officer and over the years has moved onto Assistant Property Manager and Leasing Executive via internal promotions. During this time, she obtained her Sales License and is now a full-time Property Manager.

Indya’s passion for Real Estate is shown through her love of customer service and the Property Industry.

When Indya is not at work she enjoys going to the gym, socialising with friends and travelling.

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Miles Baker

Property Manager

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5771

EMAIL: miles.baker@blackburne.com.au

Miles joins the team at Blackburne with 2+ years in the real estate industry. Relocating from Brisbane and originally from Melbourne, he has past experience in the hospitality industry. Beginning his career in real estate as an assistant Property Manager, he soon transitioned into a leasing consultant role. This exposure and insight into Property Management provided him with knowledge and experience into a Property Manager role.

Miles is results driven and prides himself on his ability to create meaningful relationships with all of his clients. His strong negotiation skills paired with his ability to actively listen allows him to understand his clients and achieve desired results for all parties.

He completed his Advanced Diploma in Building Design (Architectural), providing a strong interest in understanding the design process of the built environment.

In his spare time Miles is enjoying exploring Perth, beach days and painting murals.

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Rachael Stirling

Property Manager

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5715

EMAIL: rachael.stirling@blackburne.com.au

Rachael has joined Blackburne with over 6 years previous experience in various industries ranging from Hospitality to Retail and Business. Rachael is a proficient worker and is known for being a quick learner.

Rachael has previously obtained a Certificate III in Business and a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking in which has led her to her current role as a Property Management Assistant here at Blackburne.

In her spare time, Rachael enjoys visiting new restaurants, trying new foods, and spending quality time with friends.

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Melody Hewitt

Assistant Property Manager

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5728

EMAIL: melody.hewitt@blackburne.com.au

Bringing over four years of experience in the customer service industry, Melody became a valuable member of the Blackburne team in 2023, initially as a corporate receptionist. Demonstrating remarkable skills & dedication along with a keen interest in the Real Estate industry,  she quickly advanced to the position of Assistant Property Manager. Melody has also successfully acquired her Real Estate license, further enhancing her professional qualifications.

Outside of work, Melody enjoys socializing & travelling.

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Giorgia Bradock

Assistant Property Manager

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5778

EMAIL: giorgia.bradock@blackburne.com.au

Giorgia joins the Blackburne team as an Assistant Property Manager, with over 2.5 years’ experience in real estate and 13 years’ experience in customer service. Giorgia completed her Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice in 2023.

Giorgia takes pride in ensuring properties run smoothly, and is committed to delivering top-notch service to both landlords and tenants. Giorgia’s goal is to continue contributing to the success of real estate ventures while striving for excellence in property management.

Outside of work Giorgia enjoys spending time with her 2 children, partner, friends, and family and also sitting down reading a good book.

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Samuel Pavkovic

Inspections Officer

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5735

EMAIL: samuel.pavkovic@blackburne.com.au

Samuel is a dedicated professional with over 2 years of prior experience in the real estate industry, where he has worn the hats of both a sales assistant and a sales representative. His journey in real estate has provided him with valuable insights and honed his skills.

Known for his proficiency and strong work ethic, Samuel places a high emphasis on clear communication and efficient teamwork. He understands that effective collaboration and open lines of communication are essential in the real estate world, and he consistently prioritizes these aspects to ensure successful transactions and happy clients.

Outside of real estate, Samuel enjoys playing soccer, going to the gym, running, and spending time with his friends and family.

Tracy Stone

Inspections Officer

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5749

EMAIL: tracy.stone@blackburne.com.au

Tracy joined Blackburne Property Management in 2016 as a Routine Inspections Officer.  She prides herself on a high attention to detail and is able to communicate extremely well both with Property Managers and Tenants.

In her spare time Tracy likes to spend quality time with her family and friends.

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Deb Bailey

Senior Trust Accounts Officer

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5740

EMAIL: deb.bailey@blackburne.com.au

Deb has joined Blackburne as Senior Trust Accounts Officer after working in a similar role at Colliers International for almost seven years; bringing her knowledge in accounts, salary management and customer service to the team.

Deb is a guru in all things accounting – with her experience including trust accounts, receipts, payments, bank reconciliations, variable outgoings reconciliations and bank authorisations. She also has strong leadership skills and lead a customer service team for more than six years.

Deb is currently studying her Masters in Professional Accounting, building on from her Graduate Certificate in Business.

In her spare time, Deb enjoys reading, walking, tennis, theatre and spending time with family and friends.

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Aled Smith

Corporate Accounts Officer

DIRECT LINE: +61 8 9429 5780

EMAIL: Aled.smith@blackburne.com.au

Aled has over 7 years of accounting experience, after graduating from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting & Finance.

As a long-standing member of the Blackburne Finance Team, Aled has worked his way up from an entry level position to his current position of Corporate Accounts Officer, using the skills acquired from his degree, as well as a positive attitude and eagerness to complete his work to the best of his ability.

In his spare time, Aled enjoys watching and playing sport, spending time with family and friends, listening to music, going on walks in the hills and cooking.

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