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Blackburne Perth's Property Management Specialists

Perth’s Property Management Specialists

At Blackburne Property Management, we take away the stress of owning a rental property in Perth while maximising the performance of your investment. 

Property Management Services

The team at Blackburne Property Management are vastly experienced across several integral facets required to exceed clients’ expectations. They pride themselves in being industry leaders, embracing new technologies and implementing a transparent model that allows for detailed processes and accountability.

Whether it be marketing, tenant selection or the ongoing maintenance of your property, you can relax knowing that your property is in safe hands. If you’re a seasoned investor, or you have suddenly become a landlord through unexpected circumstance, Blackburne Property Management can provide a solution for you.

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Service Guarantee

Premium service, guaranteed.

Every day our team at Blackburne strive to become the best property managers in the metro areas of Perth, whereby we consistently provide you with a high quality and superior customer service experience.

In line with this, our Premium Service Guarantee lets you know what you should and can expect from us at Blackburne Property Management, as well as what we are doing to hold ourselves accountable. We believe it is our responsibility to care for our customers and to ensure that our services are not only meeting your standards, but are going beyond your expectations.

We will make the following guarantees:


We will answer all emails and phone calls within one business day


We will proactively advertise and show your property to minimise any vacancy period


We will update you on the status of your advertised property at least once a week


We have a "Zero Tolerance" policy for rent arrears and contact the tenant within two days of rent becoming overdue (in line with current legislation)


All non-urgent repair requests from tenants will be processed within two working days of receipt


Urgent repairs within four hours


We will contact you every six months (where applicable) to discuss a rent review and advise on the current market rent rate


We will contact you to discuss the tenancy agreement for your property not less than thirty days prior to its expiry


We will provide you with time stamped and dated photographs for every routine inspection we carry out

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Secure the highest return on your property asset


Our goal is to secure the highest return on your property asset.

At Blackburne, we know the supply and demand in any given areas between Rockingham and Yanchep. This arms us with industry leading data and advice to help maximise your the rental returns and to make you aware of the suggested rental price of your investment property.

In addition, to avoid disruptions to your cashflow, we maintain a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on rent arrears. Each day we review all rental payments and act swiftly to ensure any issues are dealt with proactively.

Given the fluctuating rental markets, we make sure that rent reviews are conducted every six months, and your returns are always optimised to the prevailing market conditions.

As Perth’s property management specialists, we understand that your property is a precious asset, and everything we do is about making sure it’s well cared for and it’s generating the best possible returns on your investment.

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Suburb Profiles

Find relevant overviews, statistics and activity of Perth and surrounding suburbs.

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Cottesloe is renowned for its beautiful beaches, known for its white sand, clear blue water, and excellent swimming and surf conditions.


Rivervale is renowned for its proximity to the Perth CBD and the Swan River.


Swanbourne is renowned for its beautiful beaches for swimming, the Swanbourne Village Shopping Centre is a popular shopping destination, with a range of specialty stores, cafes, and restaurants.


Claremont is renowned for its upscale shopping and dining options, as well as its historic architecture.

Mount Claremont

Mount Claremont is renowned for its beautiful parklands, tree-lined streets, and stunning architecture.

City Beach

City Beach is renowned for its beautiful beaches for swimming, sunbathing and other beach activities.


Karrinyup is renowned for its beautiful beaches, vibrant shopping centre, and high-quality golf course.

North Beach

North Beach is renowned for its stunning beaches and its relaxed coastal lifestyle. It's a popular destination for swimming, surfing, and snorkelling, and there are plenty of parks and walking trails nearby as well.


Scarborough is renowned for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and outdoor activities. Scarborough Beach is a popular destination for surfers, swimmers, and sunbathers, with its crystal clear waters and white sandy beach.

Wembley Downs

Wembley Downs is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere, leafy streets, and close proximity to the coast.


Churchlands is renowned for its large properties, parklands, and exceptional schools.

South Perth

South Perth its stunning views of the Swan River and Perth skyline, as well as its picturesque parks and gardens.

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Landlord Handbook

We understand that your property is a precious
asset. Everything we do is about making
sure it’s well cared for and generating the best
possible returns on your investment.
The services detailed in the handbook
take in every aspect of maximising the
performance of your property and minimising
hassle and risk for you.


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As a thank you, for all referrals that sign a 24 month management authority, we will gift you a generous incentive payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Property Management

There’s a lot to understand about property management so we’ve gathered a list of the most commonly asked questions.

How do I change the management of my property to Blackburne?

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Simply contact us with details of your current management authority and we’ll take it from there. Once appointed, we’ll notify your tenants and collect the keys from your previous agent. Changing your property manager couldn’t be easier plus there’s no charge for this service.

How long will it take to find a tenant?

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Unfortunately, there is no one answer but we can tell you that properties that are better presented, professionally marketed, priced sensibly and represented by a professional agent will be rented more quickly. Blackburne has two full time leasing specialists, working 7 days per week, so you can rest easy knowing your property has the Blackburne advantage.

Does an agent's location affect their ability to manage my property?

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Most prospective tenants use the internet to find homes online and pay their rent electronically. Given this, location matters much less today than it did in the past. Our team at Blackburne have experience managing properties all over Perth.

Can I refuse pets, children, smokers, unemployed, certain races or religions?

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There are strict laws preventing landlords from discriminating against prospective tenants or people with children. However, you are entitled to consider whether or not pets and smokers will be suitable for your property.

The balance of the categories is strictly governed with heavy penalties.

Please note that the maximum that a pet bond can be is only $260 and a pet bond is only held for fumigation purposes, whereas any pet damage will be deducted from the bond.

Do I need landlord's insurance?

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While it’s not compulsory, it is our professional recommendation that every investment property owner has a specific landlord insurance policy in place. It protects you in the event of a tenant not paying rent, departing early or damaging the property. A good landlord insurance policy will also cover your loss of rent should your property become uninhabitable through events such as fire.  In addition, it also includes public liability and limited cover for contents (e.g. floor coverings, curtains). Building insurance is compulsory.

How will I know what my property will rent for?

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While the market will determine the final amount, we work with you to ensure your property is presented at its very best to achieve the maximum possible rent and financial property return. As a guide, we will also provide evidence of current rental values of similar properties in your area.

What happens if my tenant doesn't pay rent?

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Our “Zero Tolerance” policy on rent arrears is actioned when the rent is two days late. Apart from outlining to new tenants the ramifications of not paying rent by its due date, our system monitors tenant arrears on a daily basis. We immediately contact the tenant by SMS/phone for prompt resolution and if the tenant remains in arrears, we will issue a breach notice or termination notice.

It is our intention to always minimise any loss to the owner and ensure prompt and effective action.

What is the role of a property manager in Perth?

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A property manager in Perth is a professional who oversees various aspects of rental properties on behalf of property owners and investors. Key responsibilities include sourcing and screening tenants, colleting rent, project managing any property maintenance needs, and ensuring compliance with local regulations. At Blackburne Property Management, we are also committed to handle your rental property for less stress and maximum investment performance.

Why should I hire a property manager in Perth?

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Hiring a Perth property manager like the experienced team at Blackburne Property Management can be beneficial to maximise your return on investment and making the rental experience stress and hassle-free for property owners.

How can a Perth property manager help me find suitable tenants for my rental property?

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As professional Perth property managers, at Blackburne Property Management we have access to a wide network of potential tenants. We also employ various advertising strategies to source new candidates, and conduct thorough screening on your behalf, including verifying references to find reliable and responsible renters for your property.

What are the typical fees charged by property managers in Perth?

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Property management fees in Perth can vary based on many factors such as experience and level of service provided. Common fee structures include a management fee, letting and leasing fees, property condition report, advertising, routine inspections and final inspections.

Will I still have control over my property if I hire a property manager in Perth?

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Yes, you retain ownership of your rental property and will be responsible for making major decisions, such as approving rental increases or accepting specific tenants. A property manager in Perth acts as your representative to handle day-to-day and routine operations. You will always be kept informed and your approval is needed for any significant matters.

How do I assess the performance of my property manager in Perth?

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A reputable property management agency should provide regular reports on rental income, expenses, and property maintenance. At Blackburne Property Management, we strive to offer the best property management services in Perth. As such, we offer a Service Guarantee that lets you know what you should and can expect from us at Blackburne Property Management, as well as what we are doing to hold ourselves accountable.

Can a property manager in Perth assist with property maintenance and repairs?

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Absolutely. Property managers in Perth like the team at Blackburne Property Management will coordinate and oversee maintenance and repairs on your behalf. We work with a network of trusted contractors and service providers. This ensures that your property is well-maintained.

Can hiring an experienced Perth property manager affect my property's potential for rental income in Perth?

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Yes, hiring a skilled property manager can positively impact your rental income. Our team of property managers will contact you every six months (where applicable) to discuss a rent review and advise on the current market rent rate.

Understanding How We Manage The Money:
Administration and Reporting

There’s a lot to understand about property management so we’ve compiled a list of common administration and reporting we understand when managing your property.

Monthly Statements

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Your monthly statement will include full details of your rental proceeds and any expenses disbursed from the funds. These statements are emailed to you to ensure you receive them immediately at the end of every month.

Annual Income and Expenditure Report

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At the end of each financial year we can provide you with a complete income and expenditure report in a single-page summary format, to assist with your tax return.

Electronic Transfer of Funds

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To improve the return on your investment we aim to transfer rent into your bank account as quickly as possible. So, it’s electronically transferred straight from our Trust Account to your nominated account, usually on the last working day of the month.

Payment of Outgoings

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Blackburne can pay any outgoings for your property on your behalf, deducting the funds from your monthly statement. A copy of the invoice is attached to your statement in the month it’s paid. We’ll determine which payments you’d like us to make at the time of our appointment (e.g., water rates, strata levies, council rates).

Audited Trust Account

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All funds we receive in relation to your property are immediately recorded in our Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety approved trust account. This account is audited annually to the strictest control standards, by an approved independent auditor.

Rental Payments

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Tenants’ rental payments to Blackburne are made by BPay or EFTPOS. Tenants have the convenience of being able to make rental payments over the phone or online through their bank. This simplifies the payment process and has proven to significantly decrease late rent payments.

Security Bond

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The Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (WA) allows for a security bond of up to four weeks’ rent to be collected. All tenant bonds are held in a bond trust account with the Government Bond Administrator, in accordance with the Act. The bond is returned to the tenant when they vacate the property, following a satisfactory final inspection and deduction of any relevant expenses.

Property Management Fees in Perth

There’s a lot to understand about property management so we’ve compiled a list of the fees associated with Property Management.

Letting/Leasing Fees

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Welcome to Blackburne’s hassle-free management experience! Our leasing agents are more than just salespeople at a home open. They take on the role of detectives when it comes to checking through the facts and ensuring that the applications meet our high standards. We prioritize taking the time to thoroughly evaluate applications and only recommend tenants who we believe are a good fit for the property.

Management Fees

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The Management Fee is based only on monies collected and covers the services provided by Blackburne. This includes collecting and processing of rents and other monies, pursuing late rent and invoice payments, advising the owner of relevant matters and attending to other routine issues throughout the month. These include issues such as maintenance, payment of accounts and liaison with tenants. For your record, management fees are detailed on each monthly statement.

Property Condition Report

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A comprehensive report including photographs, detailing the condition of the property at the time the tenant took occupancy is outlined in the Property Condition Report. This is an important document, required by legislation, that acts as the basis for bond disposal amounts. In cases where there are disputes, this document can be a powerful piece of evidence submissible in court.

Routine Inspections

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Inspections should be carried out 6-8 weeks after a tenant takes occupancy. This acts as an early alert for any issues that may be evident and is then set at three monthly intervals for the term of the tenancy.

We believe regular and thorough inspections prevent minor issues becoming major problems. If you are encountering difficulties with your tenants, please contact us immediately!

Additional photographs are taken of any maintenance issues. This reinforces to the tenant that we are consistently checking the property and expect it to be cared for.


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The internet is the most successful way to advertise a vacant property.

Blackburne advertises on all major real estate websites. Each advertisement consists of photographs and descriptive information about your property. If we think a paid advertisement in a newspaper would help let the property, we will contact you first to discuss this and always ask for your permission.

Outgoing Inspection

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This inspection is carried out against the in-going report and is necessary to decide whether any damages or cleaning need to be charged from the tenant’s bond.

A final Property Condition Report is completed, as required by legislation and a copy sent to the tenants within 14 days.  Photographs of your property are taken in case further evidence is needed over a bond dispute. Our fee also covers updating of the in-going Property Condition Report for the next tenant, so there is no need for the owner to pay for an additional fee.

Annual Financial Statement

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An end of financial year report summarises income and outgoings for the last 12 months in detail. It shows accumulated totals instead of twelve individual statements.

National Tenancy Default System

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We have access to the performance history of tenants via the National Tenancy Database, which is a database of defaulting tenants.

This enables us to obtain information from real estate agents across Australia, as well as VEDA credit reports when processing prospective tenants. It also allows us to list our defaulting tenants on the database, thereby reducing the possibility of them relocating and leaving rent and damage debts behind them.

Court Attendance

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At Blackburne, we believe that it is beneficial for both parties if every attempt is made to avoid taking matters to court. However, in some cases it is the only means to resolve matters or to gain permission to refund a tenant’s bond to an owner.

Renewal of Tenancy

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This fee applies if a tenant chooses to extend their lease and the owner agrees. It covers negotiations between the tenant and the owner, preparation of paperwork and organising signing of the lease documents. This fee replaces the leasing fee as there is no requirement to find a new tenant.

Single quotation mark

Really professional and amazing team have been outstanding with managing my properties. They have helped me better understand how to maximise returns in my investment portfolio and have always been available to answer any question that I have. Would highly recommend the team from Blackburne.

Marcus L, Perth CBD

Single quotation mark

The Blackburne team have managed my investment property for well over 15 years now. I live in NSW and so rely on them heavily. They have been fantastic. The team are responsive, proactive and definitely have their finger on the pulse of the market. Go team!!!

Simone S, Subiaco

Single quotation mark

Extremely impressed by timely, clear and proactive communication. Being out of the country - these factors give peace of mind that property is well taken care of. Balanced view of the rental applicants with sound judgement.

Sanjeev M, Perth

Single quotation mark

We are satisfied with Blackburne property management. Their teams are very friendly, professional, and responsive to manage our property. Not only giving a good advice to achieve the best outcome, but they are also able to answer promptly all our queries. At last, the weekly report has kept me up to date with their activities. Thank you so much, Blackburne.

Lucy H, Winthrop

Single quotation mark

Thanks to the Blackburne team for making my home hunting experience a breeze. I was kept in contact with throughout the application process and all of my questions have been swiftly answered, allowing me to make an easy decision on a beautiful apartment.

Victoria P, Claremont

Single quotation mark

The Blackburne Property Management team is very professional and very effective. They managed to rent my property in a week to high quality tenants and at a strong rent. They are also very courteous and move very quickly.

Ryan F, Highgate

Single quotation mark

Our family multi-residential apartments have been managed continuously by Blackburne since 1978. As the company has grown, the personal touch has been retained, and the structure and systems added create a most comprehensive management department for us. We are extremely satisfied, and have never contemplated shopping for another managing agent in the past 40 years.

David P, South Perth

Single quotation mark

All the interactions with staff so far, getting me into a great new rental that meets all my requirements has been very positive and supportive to complete the steps needed. The final signing with the property manager was quick and easy with a lot now online saving time and stress. So far so good!

Paul P, Subiaco

Single quotation mark

Honestly everything you could wish for from a property group. The leasing team have been nothing but amazing each time we work together to renew or find a new place. Looking forward to many more years with Blackburne Property.

Zaron BC, Perth


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