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4 Tips to Get Your Rental Summer Ready

Summer has just begun, and a little preventative upkeep now, can help to reduce unexpected maintenance and costs and keep your tenants cool and calm this summer.

To help reduce your costs this summer, we recommend you take a few preventative measures:

  1. Get your air conditioner serviced: Over the winter months, your air conditioner may have gathered a build up of dust and bacteria. This build up could cause added strain on the system and parts, causing break down, landing you with unexpected maintenance costs. In the height of summer, contractors and parts become scarce and repairs can take quite some time to action, resulting in unhappy tenants. This dirt and bacteria could also cause the unit to operate less efficiently and in turn increase your tenant’s electricity bills.
  2. Clean your gutters: Leaves and other debris, continue to pile up in gutters all year round. Should a surprise summer storm hit, the gutters may become blocked and cause water damage to the roof. However, the main concern with full gutters during summer months, is that they are a fire hazard. The dry debris is the perfect kindling for a fire, which could easily catch fire from a stray ember, cigarette ash or even a summer lightning strike.
  3. Mulch your gardens: A generous layer of mulch applied to your garden beds, will keep moisture in your soil and keep weeds at bay. This will not only help you as a landlord, by keeping your gardens lush, but will keep your tenants happy, by lowering their water bills.
  4. Service your reticulation: As with air conditioning servicing, servicing your reticulation at the start of summer can help save on unexpected repairs and reduce the costs and wait times of contractors during the height of summer. Over winter, reticulation heads may become buried and clogged and parts may start to fail.  Having an early summer service, may uncover any issues and allow a simple, early resolution.

The Perth property management team at Blackburne are constantly striving for ways to reduce your rental property expenses and maximise your return on your investment.  To see how we can help you to make more money from your rental, call us today.

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